Late last night it occurred to me that I already have a garment with the January TIF colors.

The colors in these vest photos aren’t too accurate, but you can get the overall idea.

Pavelka vest

The vest is from an out of print (OOP) Pavelka vest pattern, but this current pattern is similar, although a lot shorter in length:
Pavelka’s Scrapbook Vest

In fact I need another coordinating garment to go with this vest as the linen/cotton blend 4 gore flared skirt I originally made has faded more than the vest. Yes, I probably have washed the linen/cotton blend skirt more often than the vest…

So now I have to decide whether I’ll be creating something ‘new’ with these colors or whether I’ll do a wardrobe ‘fix’ based on these colors. Since I’m rather twisting Sharon’s original premise already by responding with sewing/wardrobe work, I guess I can make up my own rules for this part also…