Today I am allowed to sit for a maximum of 15 minutes at my computer (since it’s got a good supportive chair) after lying flat for several hours… I have to say I’m getting impatient with this recovery. On the other hand, I’m grateful that I really am improving, finally. Wednesday we got to the real reason for the back pain – a dislocated rib – and today I can see real progress for a change. Thanks for all your good wishes.

It will be several more days before I can evaluate whether or not I’ll be able to finish my SWAP 2008. I do have more than half of the garments in place, but that still leaves some sewing and even some cutting-out to be done. We’ll see. My main goal for SWAP this year was to have wearable clothing for my day to day life – I’ve met that goal! I’ve worn my SWAP items to both medical appointments this month! (the total of my sojourns from this house since March 5…) lol