Cloudy with no wind. That was the weather yesterday. And that’s rare; about half a mile away on the other side of this barn is a turbine of a giant electricity-generating wind turbine farm. We’ve been having lots of rain and even have a ‘wind advisory’ today, so I took advantage of the no-wind situation yesterday to snap some quick photos of my SWAP.

Other folks in the SWAP 2008 have found wonderful and unique locations and ways to display their SWAP entries. I spent several weeks considering where I could hang all the SWAP clothing that would also reflect my world here in rural central Illinois, 150 miles from Chicago.

The farm where we live has several old barns that are used mostly for storing older machinery and the hay and straw bales we sell. There are also big machine sheds for the ‘real’ farm equipment, but they aren’t particularly picturesque. I finally chose this barn and the old wagon parked in front of it.

I gathered up most of the SWAP items I have actually finished (or mostly finished, there are a few finishing touches that haven’t been added yet) and hung them on hangers and walked out to the barn to test the photo taking. Luckily there is a second wagon nearby that could hold the extras so I wouldn’t have to do any excessive bending or twisting; this healing process is taking some time.

Left to right above: SW Teagarden T, Jalie leggings, BWOF yoga pants (stone), Kwik Sew 3393 pants (olive), Burda 7890 crossover top, Burda 7890 pants (brown), self-drafted PowerDry top (brown.)

Missing from the photo: Another similar PowerDry top in peach, the purchased ribbed turtleneck top and, of course, the not-yet-made Burda 7890 jacket and tank top.

I learned a LOT by attempting this challenge this year. I underestimated how difficult it is to coordinate disparate necklines, garment shapes, colors, fabrics. For example, these colors all looked great together in incandescent style light inside my house; in some cases they took on a different cast outdoors in natural (overcast) light. Now that I think of it, I assume there would be other changes under fluorescent lighting. Add to that the shifts that come via the camera lens and monitor and we have quite a mishmash. lol

Initially for the photo I tried hanging all the pants in a row along the wagon top with their legs hanging down. That was hilarious! Not one hung the same length (although they all are hemmed at full length on my body) along the row. It was a visual reminder of something I usually can successfully hide: my left leg is more than one inch shorter than the right one. You can see this clearly in the lighter colored pant above.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t get everything completed. But on the other hand, I’m very pleased that I was able to finish as many of these as I did. And I’ve had lots of wear from these pieces already, so I can truthfully say “I won!” the wearability test in my own eyes. lol