Here’s a Burda Plus 2-2006-414 dress that Debbie Cook made. (click the link on her name and you can see the muslin and the dress she made by clicking the NEXT button a few times.) The lines are similar to the dress I posted yesterday and I think it would be flattering. If I made a similar dress in the burnout-style georgette (with satiny charmeuse-type flowers) I could make either a dress or a skirt and top in the solid color linen/rayon or linen/silk that I have. I also have a cotton rib knit in the same/similar color that could be used, but I’m not sure the sheer fabric would drape well over it.

In the middle of the night I awoke with another idea:
How about a pair of linen-type pants (long enough to mostly cover the shoes ) and some sort of woven or knit top or shell to coordinate or match? And then use the georgette to make an overdress or a sarong or skirt and top. This would give me a lot more options for wearing in the future as I don’t have too many places to wear a dressy dress.

Yesterday I draped the floral georgette/charmeuse and spent the day thinking about it. I hung it over almost-matching background, over a cream colored fabric, over a darker lilac, even over brown and a corrugated cardboard colored linen. The flowers in the charmeuse areas include the cream and various soft brown colors and it could be successfully worn over any of those colors.

The fabric hangs really nicely on the bias. But, have you ever tried sewing georgette? How about georgette on the bias? Yikes! I’m leaning toward tying it on as a sarong and being done with it. Or wrapping the six yards around me sari-style and calling it good. 😀

I still have not figured out the scanner, so as soon as I get a chance to press the georgette a little I’ll hang it outside and take a photo or two.

What do you think? This is a great time for suggestions. Nothing has been cut! It’s all still in the flat-pack… Nothing but potential! 😉