I’ve been gone to family-related things most of the day and am ready to not sit at the computer, but thought I’d post the photos I took yesterday of the georgette fabric.
Outdoors georgette
closer georgette
georgette drape outdoors

As you can see some of them were taken outside against the dark bricks of our house; on my computer the fabric looks bluish lavender.

inside georgette

The inside photos have more of a pink cast; you can see a yellow door on the right through the sheer fabric in one of the closeups.

two backgrounds

Follow up from Summer Dress Ideas 2

Paula commented:

I’m not sure I followed your train of thought exactly but how about those same lined pants you mentioned with an almost knee-length tunic over, which could be made out of matching linen underneath and something sheer over the top of that?

Train of thought? More like big chunks of disjointed ideas!

So you think maybe the plain linen for pants and a tunic and a sheer jacket of some sort over that? That might be just the thing!

At first I thought you meant to make the tunic from a double layer (the sheer underlined with the linen.) I’d considered that but was concerned that the sheer might sag and hang unevenly over the linen. That could be remedied, probably, by constructing each piece separately and only sewing them together as one in the upper bodice (neckline, shoulder seam, armholes.)

Thanks for giving me these ideas. I was discussing this project with my husband today and he agreed that the pants idea would be more versatile in the long run than a dress. And we both liked the idea of mostly covering those shoes with the pant legs. 😀