For more than a week now I’ve been considering what to write here. For the first three days I just felt like crying and whining and I’m pretty sure no one wants to hear that. Even I was getting tired of listening to my inner self rehearsing what I might say.  😉

Then I had a lot of ideas for blogging; realistically though, I couldn’t manage to locate the resources I needed to get it done.

So now that I’m a little less emotional I can tell you all that I’ve spent the last week either lying flat on my back or standing or walking. No bending, no squatting, no sitting, no reaching, no lifting. That translates to no sewing (for those of us who do most of our sewing by machine), no pattern prep or cutting, not even able to pick the asparagus that is just beginning to emerge in my garden.

Turns out I had done WAY too much the past few weeks (although it seemed like so little at the time) and now I’m paying. But at least this time there’s a payback–my back does seem to be healing; very gradually, but definitely improving. Yesterday I was given the go-ahead to do some gentle stretching, sitting for five minutes at dinner, and a few careful squats (asparagus!) in addition to the standing, walking and lying flat diet.

But every hour includes at least 30 minutes of being flat. I’m not very good at switching gears; once I start writing or emailing (standing at one computer or straining a bit to see the laptop while I’m flat) I hate to stop. I’ve been using the timer and that does help, at least when I don’t reset it!

So my goal to help overcome this inertia is to write several short posts each day; I’ll be allowed to edit them or combine them later if I hate the result, but I do want to develop the regular writing habit. I’ll be back with some of the ideas I’ve had for posting while without my sewing fix…