RWB Log Cabin pieced and quilted by Doris Bachman

Since I’ve not been productive sewing-wise, I decided I could show you some items from my past…

This quilt was pieced and hand quilted by my mother-in-law as a gift nearly 15 years ago. She was taking her first steps toward quilting as a hobby and said she’d make us a quilt if I picked out the colors. Since I wanted a ‘scrappy’ quilt I also got to pick the fabrics. Such a sacrifice. 😉 I also cut all the strips. It’s huge: 120″ x 120″ but it still looks great as the topper on our king size bed. The blocks are about 20″ square.

The fabrics for the logs came from my great-aunt Mary’s bits of indigo, leftovers from my sister’s quilted jacket (I show you that later), scraps from my MIL and mother. The fabrics I purchased included prints that reminded me of parts of our past and present lives: sewing tools, golf clubs, chickens and chicken wire, ladybugs, buttons, needles/thread, morning glories, dogs, batiks, birds, radishes and cows. Yes, my husband and I both grew up on farms in Illinois. I have always been of the opinion that a person should stretch the boundaries of “what goes with what’ when picking fabrics. On the other hand each of the fabrics did have to more or less fit into either the dark blue or the white sections of the cabins. I do think fabric selection was somewhat more difficult in the early 90s, than it would be currently with all the nice reproduction fabrics that are currently available. In any case, it was fun!

The centers are 4X the standard size to emphasize the red and yellow centers. I had seen a photo in Quilters Newsletter Magazine of a similar quilt taken in front of a quilt shop in Paris in the 1980s sometime and had written myself a note to remember the colors and layout! It would still be just a memory if it weren’t for my very practical and productive (and wonderful!) MIL.

Some day soon I’ll need to replace a few of the antique fabric strips. I’m still looking for just the right indigos.