Paula tagged me for the latest literary meme. Here are the instructions:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Turn to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and acknowledge who tagged you.

This was harder than I thought.

The nearest book on my right was Julie Parker’s All About Silk, which has 92 pages.

The book under that was Wrap and Drape Fashion: History, Design & Drawing by Elisabetta ‘Kuky’ Drudi and there are only pictures on page 123.

To my left, stacked under my mouse (I’m standing at the computer these days) is Textiles in America {1650-1870} by Florence M Montgomery. Luckily it does have text on page 123. I found the fifth sentence; the next three are on page 124:

“The reverse was also practiced; from the late seventeenth century some furniture was finished in muslin over which was placed a richer covering of damask or velvet made as a slip case. A set of Queen Anne chairs in the Victoria and Albert Museum finished only in coarse linen is provided with slipcovers of handsome red and green patterned velvet neatly fitted to the seats and backs. They are held in place by tabs of buckram with eyelets made to slip over nails beneath the seat frame.”

I’m tagging:
Eva who has the most fabulous SWAP shown on her blog, Das Morzel. Eva lives in Germany and she started sewing in 2006!

Becky of Sew and So blog who has refashioned a J Crew man’s long sleeve shirt into a Anthropologie knock off she calls the Doolittle Blouse.

MaryPat who writes her Merry Patter blog about the sewing she does for herself, is “a work at home mum, running an Irish Dance costume company.” Mary Pat writes from Canada.

Jan has a blog, jansblog, where she shows us a lot of vintage sewing articles and patterns and talks about her life as a dressmaker in Shropshire, UK.

The Everyday Sewist has been writing about what motivates us to sew and do some of the other things we know we should do; she’s trying some unusual ways to make it work… Check it out!