Paula reminded me to keep some perspective as I work on this outfit! So yesterday I dug out a Ralph Lauren dress I got at a yard sale last summer (it fits better now that I’ve lost 10 lbs or so) and wore it to a graduation open house as a test run toward wearing it for the wedding this Saturday. The dress is also a silk georgette, fully lined, and actually pretty well constructed.

On the negative side, it has a sort of ditzy print that really isn’t to scale with my body at all. There also doesn’t really seem to be any focus to the dress except maybe the fully buttoned front. Some of the buttonholes need to be shortened a bit as the buttons came unbuttoned whenever I moved very much. It is also shorter than I prefer, showing about 10 inches of my legs above my (not so) lovely shoes. I think the focus part could be remedied with some jewelry or an appropriate colored scarf or the addition of some ribbons or something around the collar and lapels of the dress. And the undergarments necessary aren’t really very comfortable for extended periods of time due to health issues I’ve had the last few years. So…I COULD wear this dress, but I’d prefer to make something new.

I wore a navy long flared and gored washed linen skirt this morning with a natural linen colored camp-shirt-shaped blouse and a colorful scoop necked tshirt underneath. It was SO much more comfortable than the dress mentioned above and so much more in the style I’ve developed over the years. However, even I know that washed linen is really too casual for this evening wedding in the city that’s coming up in 6 days. 😉 I figure I’ve got about 2.5 days to get the skirt and top? done; 15 minute increments each hour at the maximum. Wish me luck! 😀