The weather forecast for today was wonderful – warm (82 degrees F), low humidity, mostly sunny, very little wind – a rare combo here. I pulled out my new Setacolor transparent dyes and did some initial testing of colors on white cotton jersey and on natural colored silk noil.

On the white cotton jersey tshirt:
Setacolor on white cotton jersey

Primary Setacolors on the white cotton jersey:
Primary Setacolor on white cotton jersey

Primary Setacolors on the natural colored silk noil:
Primary Setacolor on natural silk noil

On the silk noil:
Setacolor on silk noil

I was surprised how bright the colors are on the side where they are applied. There’s not a lot of color on the back though, so to me this seems more like paint than dye. The colors I applied to these samples were straight from the bottle, in some cases diluted quite a lot.

How gutsy am I? Here’s the Lauren dress I wore Saturday night and could wear to the wedding this Saturday. The colors are generally flattering, but I think the overall effect is boring:

ralph lauren flowered dress

Wonder what would happen if I were to paint some of this red ochre on the edges of the collar???
ochre and cream dress