Okay, I’ve got an odd problem. I have about twenty two piece swimsuits, all brand new, sitting here in a nice Rubbermaid sweater box. And NO, I’m not EVEN going to try one on as I don’t think bikini and/or halter tops would look too great on this nearly 60 year old bod. They are a lot like these, but not the Roxy brand:
similar suits

How did I get them? Well, my son had this idea that I might be able to sell them, so he special-ordered several different styles in eleven different fabrics and brought them with him when he came home from Bangkok to stay a couple months last fall. He even managed to get some photos taken, but I don’t have the URL (or more accurately, I can’t find it right this minute.) But no, he didn’t tell me HOW to sell them or even who might want/fit them… I’d guess he had some help from his good friend Chayanith when selecting the styles, etc. as they seem to be stylish prints and well made.

I don’t know all the sizes… I’d guess SMALL, but several have a size Medium tag and at least two are labeled Large. Some have adjustable ties on them which would help them fit a larger range of sizes. But the cup sizes these will fit will be relatively small, I think. The knit fabric appears to be mostly nylon with some lycra. The tops all have knit lining in the cup area.

So…any ideas? Know any teenagers or twenty-somethings who have a lot of friends? You think I should send them all off to Lindsay’s daughter? 😀