Tonight while cooking dinner I was thinking through why I was putting off starting to sew the camisole I cut out Saturday. Was it just a boring idea? Was I worried it wouldn’t fit?

Hmmm. Wonder if it’s because I don’t currently have a ‘home’ for my serger…. It’s sitting forlornly on a box while I get around to finding a table top for it. I’ve used it in the kitchen recently, but that’s not a very good permanent solution as that entails moving it for meals and it’s really heavier than I should be lifting these days.

But that can’t be the whole problem because a lot of the construction can be easily done on the sewing machine. In fact some of it needs to be sewn, not serged.

Or maybe I’m just feeling panicked because I have so many things I’d like to get done before I travel to visit my daughter next week? Some of them NEED to be done; others I want to do. For instance I need to decide if I’ll be shipping my clothing, etc by USPS or UPS rather than trying to figure out how to maneuver a suitcase (from out the car to the airline counter and vice versa) that’s WAY heavier than I’m supposed to lift. (I’m staying 9 days.)