June palette

I’ve fallen behind with the TIF challenges. These are the colors for June.

Here’s the idea part: Stashes “are either purchased or scavenged materials that have accumulated over time and as such they often have a story to tell. Or it is possibly more correct to say that stashes are full of stories. The interesting thing for textile practitioners is that these materials can take on another story. They can be made into something new and take on other meanings in someone’s life.” Sharon goes on to talk about the wealth that a stash represents monetarily, but also “there is the psychological wealth of a stash because a stash is full of possibilities. While material is uncut it is rich with possible uses. Once you have committed to using it the material moves from being something that is full of potential to a project.” … “So this month the idea to think about is stories that are and stories that are possible.”

I’m not quite clear what is meant to be considered, but I do definitely resonate with the idea that uncut fabric/material represents possibilities and wealth and once it is cut it becomes a project.

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