I recently came across some notes from when I first joined the Fabric Fast:2008 at PatternReview.com.

I then went and reread some of the fasting thread. The original post by popoagiesmiles still inspires me. Also many of the posts by others since then.

I had committed to fasting ‘month to month’ but forgot to check in at the end of most months. I think I managed to keep to a complete fast about 3 of the 5 months, and definitely purchased fabric (beyond my initial commitment) during two months. Overall though, my total-dollars-spent is less, which is good. And I’ve actually used a bunch of the fabrics I’ve invested in in the last few years and learned which ones I should order more of (Siltex 100% cotton fleeces) and which types I should skip (floral silk georgette.)

So now, approaching the half-way mark of the year of Fabric Fasting, I’m considering my commitment for the coming 6 months.

A total fast would no doubt be a very good thing for my budget. The temptation to buy baby-type fabrics for sewing for my first grandchild who is due in September will no doubt get stronger. On the other hand, I think my money is probably better spent buying airline tickets to go visit him and his parents more often. I will try to keep this firmly in mind.