I cut this camisole from a really nice soft light blue cotton/lycra jersey knit that I purchased from Ressy’s coop a year or two ago. I’ve been very pleased with the rayon/lycra and cotton/lycra knits I’ve ordered from her. For the first camisole from this pattern I added an inch to the length of the lining (I always lower bust darts at least an inch.) Otherwise I cut the medium sized pattern exactly as printed.

Everytime I use a Kwik Sew pattern I am reminded what great instructions they have. This camisole pattern is no exception. But even so, I sewed the elastic and banding on the inside of the top rather than the outside. Luckily I had a meeting last night, so I took the seam ripper and top along and picked out all the multiple zigzag stitches. Pulling off all the little bits of thread was really the hardest part. I’ll try some scotch tape to get the rest of it.

I tried it on this morning to double check that the elastic under the bust was the right length. I expected it to be just right or maybe a bit tight. Instead it’s about an inch too loose! So I’m considering what quick fix I can do to make it work; it’s not something that will show, so I can just do a quick fix and make a more permanent change on the next one. I guess we’ll just call this a wearable muslin.

I’m posting this now (2:25pm) to get myself into the sewing room and working on this ‘project’ 😉