“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.” — Robert Burns, To a Mouse…

Back in January I enthused about the Million Dollar Quartet musical show that dh and I would be able to attend in February, as soon as we finished our income tax prep. The plan: take Amtrak to the city, take public transportation north to the Apollo for the 2pm Wednesday matinee, return the same evening on the last train west. You can guess what happened next…


Since the first week of February my body has been in a skirmish with various bouts of flu and infections; travel (beyond a couple of short hikes to the mailbox) has been out of the question. I sat down here tonight to bemoan the fact that we’d be missing this show entirely as it was ending this weekend.

Surprise! At the Apollo Theater site I find that the show has been extended to April 12th!

So, I’m off to see about how to rid myself of this rash, fever and cough; on which day do you think I should gamble for tickets? April 1st?