Years ago I joined a yahoo group that did a simple block exchange. I ended up with a group of 3-strip square ‘log’ blocks with the center strip signed by the maker. Of course, being a block exchange, the various blocks varied some in size and the only restraint on fabric choice was to use white or natural colored cotton for the signature strip. I looked at the blocks on my design ‘wall’ for quite a while before finally deciding on this layout:

Signature Quilt

I used this alternate block, a nine-patch, to pull the thing together a bit:

Alternate block

One of the ‘plain’ blocks is an old favorite Hoffman batik, one of those used for the tablecloths at my dd’s wedding reception. The other is a cream/pink small floral. Both are also represented in the 9-patch alternate block.

Unfortunately, this top is still sitting around somewhere in a box, unquilted. I have way too many of these sorts of UFOs…the initial design challenge was fun, but the reality of finishing them? Not so much.