But this morning I awoke to bright sunshine! The wind chill last night was around zero degrees Fahrenheit, but it should warm up a bit today and the wind doesn’t seem quite so strong. Currently there is no snow on the ground here, but by Thursday we’re supposed to have rain! Can you imagine? Fifty-seven degrees and rain!??!

Here’s another photo of a wintry day last year (2008) to remind me not to complain about the current weather!

Windy day

It was all he could do to stand up against the north wind!

Michelle took a photo of me in my Sewing Workshop TeaGarden T shirt on Saturday, so I hope I’ll have a copy to show you in a few days. It’ll be a first for me, showing a garment being worn. …a little nerve-wracking, but I guess I’ll get over it…. I do know that it’s very helpful for me to see the clothes the rest of you make when you are actually wearing them, not just when they are on the hanger or mannequin/dress form.