This wood-burning stove is one of my favorite things.

That’s in spite of being very sensitive to many types of wood smoke. Burning maple or fir will give me an instant wheeze…

But over the years we’ve discovered that I do not react negatively to the smoke from burning elm, so that’s been our firewood of choice since moving to this house in 1996. And as I’ve gotten less hypersensitive to allergens of all types, we’ve been able to expand the wood repertoire a bit to other varieties.

Luckily we can choose from many acres of woodland with lots of older fallen trees when cutting firewood for the winter, so we can significantly cut our heating bill if we keep feeding this stove in our basement. Hard work cutting (chain saw) + gathering + stacking + hauling + restacking = low cash output + healthy exercise.

wood stove

It’s great to have a place in an old drafty farmhouse that can be counted upon to be WARM in the winter!

(And it’s even better that this stove is one or two floors away from my fabric stash locations, so the inevitable dust/dirt is contained in the basement! Priorities, you know…lol)