Last week I showed you the spring flowers I was concocting from scraps of nylon ripstop (some of it dyed with acid dyes.) There are NO real flowers blooming yet in our neck of the woods, although I’d expect the earliest ones to show in the next week or two, since it’s been warm and sunny the past few days.

Last night was the spring choral concert at the high school, so Sunday night DH and I hauled the 40 branches I had salvaged from last week’s crabapple pruning, the bags of wired yellow blossoms and the rolls of black mesh with the ‘redbud’ filler over to the auditorium. He helped wire forsythia blooms to the branches and figure out a way to wedge the branches into place with the help of some wood scraps and a cement block. My BIL and SIL worked out the best arrangement for the black curtains and hung the redbud mesh.

I had forgotten my camera, so my only chance to take photos was Monday night after the show. Here’s a photo of most of the stage.
full I evidently didn’t have my camera settings right to focus on such a long distance, but you can see the general layout. On the left you can see one of the forsythia plants. The one on the right is out of the camera’s view (see it below.) In the background to either side of the pink center you can just barely see the redbud. In ‘real life’ they showed up a lot more, but were still definitely background. One person told me she thought they might be clouds at sunset….

Late Sunday night we decided to make a spray of flowers for the top of the piano. I spent a little extra time covering those wires with brown florist tape to keep from scratching the grand piano! In this photo you can also see the right side forsythia (post concert.)

After the show we moved the forsythia out to the entry way of the theater to decorate for the spring musical this weekend. Double duty is always a good thing when a lot of woman hours have gone into preparation! lol

Would anyone like a tutorial on making forsythia blossoms with fabric and wire?