I finally learned to use the scanner that’s hooked up to my dh’s computer…and figured out how to share the files on our network to simplify getting them to my computer! I need and want to continually learn things, but somehow can’t learn them faster than a certain rate! Maybe it’s a matter of ‘you learn it when you need it’.

Today I’m sharing scans of the dishcloths my MIL sent home with her son this week. They are so cheerful and colorful!

About 8 years ago my MIL had a stroke that meant she had to relearn how to use the left side of her body. While in the hospital doing intensive physical therapy she started crocheting scrubbies. The nursing staff noticed and started buying them from her as fast as she could produce them! Once home from the hospital, however, her sales outlet was gone, so I offered to put them on my website for her.

Literally thousands of scrubbies later, she has decided to add cotton dishcloths to her offerings. She loves using the cotton yarn, as it is much easier on her hands than the nylon netting.

We’re introducing them to you at a reduced price on the website, because she’s making them faster than our family can wear them out washing dishes! Some of us have picked colors that match our bathrooms and use them for face washing cloths. Others stubbornly call them dish rags, although ‘rag’ doesn’t really seem appropriate for something so pretty!

If you have a preference in color/style, be sure to mention the names under the photos of the cotton dish cloths above when you are checking out! If you are using a blog reader you may have to click through to be able to see the captions. Or just mention the photo file name, if you prefer.

And even if you’re not in the market for some right now, we’d love feedback on colors you’d like to see, both for the dishcloths and for scrubbies. Click comment below…