We did it! We started planning back in January! We had a delay due to health issues in late February.

But last Wednesday morning, April 1st, we took the 8:30am Illini Chief Amtrak train to Chicago, walked toward the lake to catch the CTA Brown Line train north to Fullerton and walked to the Apollo Theater to pick up our tickets for the afternoon show. When I asked, the guys at the box office suggested that we eat lunch at the Salt & Pepper Diner across the street on North Lincoln. It was a good, leisurely choice; the sweet potato fries were tasty, the sandwiches cooked just right and the wait staff was great. Just the right number of goofy April Fools Day jokes… 😉

We walked back to the theater and found our seats: 3rd row, center section, with our heads just a few inches above the musicians directly in front of us. The perfect location to view MDQ! The show was spectacular and a lot of fun!

This production made the four famous musicians seem a lot more like ‘real’ people to me; for instance, I really only remember being aware of Elvis Presley a few years before his death. I was a child during most of his years of fame; I was aware of his music, but not very aware of his personality. In Million Dollar Quartet, Elvis is portrayed as quite young and anxious and regretful about his earlier decision to leave Sun Records.

All the characters in the show did a great job; we had a lot of fun watching the drummer, Billy Bob Shaffer’s playing and facial expressions.

One person in our party liked Lance Guest’s acting the best; John thought Lance most accurately portrayed Johnny Cash’s character.

Keith Harrison, who was playing Jerry Lee Lewis, definitely brought a lot of energy to the show.

My dh Dale was impressed by Brian McCaskill’s ability to show a wide range of emotions while being the cement that held the show together with his portrayal of Sam Phillips.

Pam and I were pretty sure that Gabe Bowling, understudy for Perkins and Presley, was sitting directly in front of us during the show, but we were too shy to confirm it.

At the end of the show we took a quick hike to the EL, caught the train south to the loop and managed to get to the Amtrak station before the rush hour crowds descended. lol. We were home by 9pm!

The biggest compliment I heard? My dh, who generally drags his feet about going to the theater or concerts, suggested last night that maybe we should go back and see the same show again in a few weeks.

It would be fun to have a closer look at the specific musical contributions each of the characters brought to the quartet. The show at the Apollo Theater has been extended to May 24th, with 2 shows each Sunday, including Mother’s Day! (update 4/14 – the show has been extended to June 7)

I waited to write this review, hoping the one photo of us that Pam took with her camera would be available to post. I doubt if anyone’s figured out how to get it off her phone yet, so I’ve gone ahead and posted because I wanted to be sure to let Birgitte know that we’d thoroughly enjoyed the show. We even found her name in the Biographies in the program: “She acted as the movement coordinator for Million Dollar Quartet at the Seaside Music Theater in Florida and at the Village Theatre in Washington.” She also has choreographed various shows, including Baby It’s You, the Shirelles bio in Los Angeles. I’d personally like to hear more about the “new MOBIL clothing concept” she has designed… Birgitte?