Here’s today’s view from the room where I’ve spent most of the last 8 days. The buds just started opening about the time my fever abated on Wednesday:
We’ve lived here for 13 years and I still haven’t identified this ornamental tree. Do you know it’s name?


Here’s a view from the second story window through the branches toward a bunch of tulips and bluebells:

The bluebells would take over the whole yard I think, if given a chance. However, the wild raspberries would also thrive in those conditions, so we keep most of it mowed after the bluebells and various colored violets bloom.

This huge sycamore tree gets it’s leaves in early summer. I don’t have pictures today (taking photos facing the sunlight doesn’t work very well) of the redbud and magnolia that are also in view just to the right of this tire swing.

I apologize for the photo quality. I’m still using a Sony Mavica Floppy Drive camera. It works for keeping a basic record of things and reminding me of colors and compositions, though, so I’ve decided to keep using it for now….