Okay, I’m back. Pulling 50 yards for a donation to MCC did take a bit longer than 3 hours, but then I’m also enjoying a visit with my son who is here from Bangkok, so other stuff sometimes gets pushed to the side temporarily.

The yardage count is at 48, with 2 more yards getting a spin through the washer and dryer before donation. Can you believe there was dust on a piece of my fabric? *grin* Photos tomorrow when the light’s better and the pieces are all in one place.

I took a break at about 2:30 pm with 23 yards selected. And then switched to pulling yardage from another room. As I mentioned in the PR thread, it didn’t clear up much space as these fabrics were mostly poplin and muslin weight wovens.

But I’m inordinately proud of myself. These are all fabrics that I still could use, that I still mostly like and are high quality. But the likelihood of them being sewn up in the next few years is slim.

I’m trying to figure out why it was easier for me to release these fabrics now than earlier. What works for you? Have you thought about it?