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Okay, I’m back. Pulling 50 yards for a donation to MCC did take a bit longer than 3 hours, but then I’m also enjoying a visit with my son who is here from Bangkok, so other stuff sometimes gets pushed to the side temporarily.

The yardage count is at 48, with 2 more yards getting a spin through the washer and dryer before donation. Can you believe there was dust on a piece of my fabric? *grin* Photos tomorrow when the light’s better and the pieces are all in one place.

I took a break at about 2:30 pm with 23 yards selected. And then switched to pulling yardage from another room. As I mentioned in the PR thread, it didn’t clear up much space as these fabrics were mostly poplin and muslin weight wovens.

But I’m inordinately proud of myself. These are all fabrics that I still could use, that I still mostly like and are high quality. But the likelihood of them being sewn up in the next few years is slim.

I’m trying to figure out why it was easier for me to release these fabrics now than earlier. What works for you? Have you thought about it?


Hurrah! I actually left the house today for the first time in at least a week. And I’m way healthier than I was last week at this time, which is obviously a good thing. So!

I drove to Peoria to buy thread for altering my niece’s prom dress and then stopped in at the ‘sewing get-together’ at Michelle’s house. She presented me with a copy of this photo she took, maybe last February:


So I’m gritting my teeth and hiding my eyes and posting what I think is the first photo of me I’ve uploaded. I’ve decided that if I want to share my sewing projects I’ll just have to get over the camera shyness….

It’s the SW TeaGarden T that I made last spring for the Timmel SWAP.

Michelle had also taken a photo of Kellie and me looking through M’s vintage pattern album:


She brought it down to show us when it was almost time to go home and we needed to hurry, but we didn’t want to miss anything!!

I painted it last week, hung it with kite string from a piece of conduit on Saturday, and totally forgot to take a photo on Sunday.

Today the sky is cloudy, so unfortunately the photos lack enough light. I tried the various settings on my point and shoot camera, but none added enough exposure to lighten the background.


Did you notice the ripstop ‘forsythia’ below the banner? Choral concert flowers!

A quick look at the Thai fabric under the lilies. It was there to coordinate with the children’s story from Thailand….easter09e

I’ve volunteered to fill in to do a few stage decorations for the high school spring choral concert next Monday. We could just buy some flowers and stick them in vases along the front of the stage.

Or we could use the bags of ripstop scraps that we found in the closet and make some spring flowers.

Here are some test flowers to see where this is all going…

"Redbud" on the black mesh
Close-up to show how ripstop is attached

Close-up to show how ripstop is attached

Yellow ripstop attached to sticks from crab apple pruning

Yellow ripstop attached to sticks from crab apple pruning

Forsythia blossoms ready to wire to branches

Forsythia blossoms ready to wire to branches

The bright pink cut strips are the original color; I dunked the fabric into a red dye mixed with sapphire blue to get the color I remember from the redbud along the Illinois river bluffs here in the springtime.

Anyhow, back to making yellow flowers… I think I need about 600…

Take a look at the fabric I just noticed on two of these swim suits…
Are you familiar with this brand? “merging the worlds of high fashion and hip-hop style”

Some of the others are tagged Nomad, but I haven’t found much online about that…

My son (who lives in Thailand) sent them to me as samples – I think he thought I might sell them somehow….
See the back story here.

Seriously. Would you like one or more of these? Leave a comment and I’ll contact you and we can discuss sizes needed. They are marked medium and large, but my impression is that they are small and medium. I could send one or more anywhere in the US for about $5.00 (priority flat rate envelope.)

My other options are our annual yard sale. Or donating them to the local thrift shop.

Okay, I’ve got an odd problem. I have about twenty two piece swimsuits, all brand new, sitting here in a nice Rubbermaid sweater box. And NO, I’m not EVEN going to try one on as I don’t think bikini and/or halter tops would look too great on this nearly 60 year old bod. They are a lot like these, but not the Roxy brand:
similar suits

How did I get them? Well, my son had this idea that I might be able to sell them, so he special-ordered several different styles in eleven different fabrics and brought them with him when he came home from Bangkok to stay a couple months last fall. He even managed to get some photos taken, but I don’t have the URL (or more accurately, I can’t find it right this minute.) But no, he didn’t tell me HOW to sell them or even who might want/fit them… I’d guess he had some help from his good friend Chayanith when selecting the styles, etc. as they seem to be stylish prints and well made.

I don’t know all the sizes… I’d guess SMALL, but several have a size Medium tag and at least two are labeled Large. Some have adjustable ties on them which would help them fit a larger range of sizes. But the cup sizes these will fit will be relatively small, I think. The knit fabric appears to be mostly nylon with some lycra. The tops all have knit lining in the cup area.

So…any ideas? Know any teenagers or twenty-somethings who have a lot of friends? You think I should send them all off to Lindsay’s daughter? 😀

This is a third post in a series on my thoughts on integrating this blog with my web site.

There are some good reasons NOT to promote my web sales here on this blog. For one thing, I’ve never considered my readers to be likely buyers of the items I sell. Secondly, I’ve heard that WordPress doesn’t allow commercial sites; now I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it worries me some. I definitely would not be selling things on this blog, but where is the line drawn on promotion?

I’ve seen people mentioning their online classes. And links to books they’ve written. I’ve spent some time looking through a bunch of pages and help files for WordPress but haven’t found specific guidelines yet. I’m not even sure what I’m looking for. Or what sort of promotions I’m likely to do.

My sister also sells on the website under the URL. She’s one of the biggest fans of my sewing hobby, but she doesn’t do too much sewing beyond mending and making / designing costumes for her son. She does do very nice hand needlework – crewel and crazy quilting embellishment / embroidery.

I have sold a few used textile-related books on the goodworks1 site, but most of my books are listed elsewhere and I don’t really see any particular benefit of linking to those sites as the books are quite a hodge-podge of subjects and origins.

I could promote a few of the products that sell well on the site, like the beginner quilt kits, the scrubbies and dishcloths, precut quilt fabric squares, and the back issues of weaving magazines, etc. However, I guess I still wonder if that’s a good idea.

Some of the stories behind the development of the products might make interesting blog posts, though. Hmmm.

What do YOU think?


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