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I’ve been reading this discussion at Pattern Review. Now it’s obviously not the first time this subject has come up, but for some reason it moved me to action today.

Here’s what I posted, in case you haven’t gone over to read that recent stash thread:

Okay, you all have inspired me!

The women at my church are collecting fabrics that are 2 yds or more to be used by women in MCC* projects internationally.

I’m posting this to make myself accountable for getting some of my stash moved out of this house by this weekend, which means I have to do it today or tomorrow–the rest of the days are already committed to family stuff. My goal is 50 yards, but I’ll settle for 30. I’ve been saying I’d do so for the entire month of October, but have I done anything???

Here’s the specs just to remind myself…

Bolts of new cloth are frequently requested where fabric is expensive or hard to obtain. These bolts are often used to sew clothing for children. Recipients can also use full pieces of at least 1.8m / 2 yards long for quilt and comforter pieces.

Fabric specifications
* Suggested fabrics include twill, cotton, cotton blends, wool and corduroy.
* Print, plaid or solid are all acceptable.
* Please no 100% polyester.”

*Mennonite Central Committee

Okay, it’s almost noon here….I’m off the computer and going ‘in’… I may need backup help if I don’t emerge in a few hours…say by 3pm???

Anyhow, I worked on the main floor of my house and so far have collected 21 yards. I stopped for lunch, but am now heading back in….


The snow started around 2am Sunday morning. By 8am, this was the view from upstairs, overlooking the porch roof:snowmarch291

The road out front was covered with at least 5 or 6 inches of heavy wet snow, unplowed. We left early and drove the truck with the snow blade to church so dh could plow the driveway and I could learn a new song I wanted to lead in the morning service.

This morning at least half of that snow has melted! That’s the amazing thing about spring snows! But the combo of near-freezing temps and lots of moisture sure make it miserable outside while it’s coming down; this storm had some added drama: lots of wind and thunder snow!


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