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I guess I just get a closed mind about some things. For years I’ve stared blankly at the Burda World Of Fashion (now Burda Style, I guess) instruction pages for sewing/pressing shoulder seams. What was that wooden spoon doing in the photo anyhow?

burda spoon

Well, Deb Thompson has solved the mystery for a lot of us! Here’s her illustrated tutorial on how to attach facings (or a lining) to a sleeveless bodice! without hand stitching or top stitching.

I’ve seen this method before, but never connected the spoon drawing with it! Thank you, Deb!


Publishing some drafts that got delayed…

Dawn of Two On, Two Off has to be the queen of zippered fleece jackets, especially orange ones!

Her tutorial of her separating zipper insertion method is one I’d like to try on my next jacket. (Next fall, that is…)

like the way she serges the zipper edge and fleece together and then how she determines exactly where to put the line of topstitching that holds the fleece away from the zipper teeth. Check it out!